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Fearless on Every Terrain

The innovative suspension design ensures a smooth and stable ride, allowing you to navigate uneven surfaces with confidence and ease. Whether you're commuting through urban streets or exploring off-road trails, the Spectre e-scooter delivers an exhilarating and comfortable riding experience. Embrace the freedom to ride in style while enjoying superior suspension performance that adapts to your every move.

Powerful Suspension System.

We've engineered a responsive front and rear independent suspension system for the Spectre, incorporating precision-calibrated springs and stainless steel precision bearings within the rocker arms, delivering an exceptional smooth damping effect during rides.

Unleash the Power

Experience the thrill of incredible acceleration with dual high-power 600W motors. With a maximum combined power of 2200W and equipped with 20A*2 controllers, delivers outstanding acceleration and climbing capabilities. Conquer any terrain with confidence and feel the adrenaline as you accelerate with remarkable force.

Advanced Expansion

We've designed exclusive accessories for the Spectre, allowing for customized combinations to enhance your product experience in various scenarios.

CNC Steering Damper

Crafted from CNC aerospace aluminum alloy, this multi-stage adjustable damper enhances stability during high-speed rides.

Rear Cargo Rack

Increase carrying capacity, lightening the load for your journeys.


More accessories are gradually launched...



Motor 600w *2 Dual Drive(48v) / 400w*2 Dual Drive(36v) / 400w Single Drive(Lite)

Max Power 2200w(48v) / 1600w(36v) / 700w(Lite)

Max Speed 55km/h(48v) / 50km/h(36v) / 35km/h(Lite)

Tire 10 inch*2.5 Tube Tire(48v) / 10 inch*2.25 Tube Tire(36v) / 10 inch*2.125 Tube Tire(Lite)

Brake System Dual CNC Bearing Disc Brake + Electric ABS Brake

Light System E-Mark 650Lm(48v/36v) / 200Lm(Lite) High-Brightness Front Light + E-Mark Rear Light + Chassis Light

Battery 696Wh 14.5Ah(48v) / 522Wh 14.5Ah(36v) / 280Wh 7.8Ah(Lite)

Waterproof IP55

Speed Mode Standard Mode / Infinite Mode (3 Speed Level for each mode)

Drive Mode Switchable:Single Motor / Dual Motor(48v/36v) / Non(Lite)

Payload 120kg(48v/36v) / 100kg(Lite)

Product Size 129*123*52

N.W. 27kg(48v) / 26kg(36v) / 21kg(Lite)