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Science Fiction Design

Embracing the concept of continuous exploration of the future, we have conceptualized a distinctive science fiction-inspired design that breaks free from traditional constraints and showcases the allure of futuristic technology. Its avant-garde lines, innovative structure, and meticulous attention to detail exude a sense of individuality and technological sophistication.

Drawing inspiration from interstellar exploration, robotics engineering, and space exploration, we have seamlessly integrated these science fiction elements into our product, creating an exquisitely crafted electric skateboard that is truly one of a kind.

Freedom to explore

30km Max Speed

12km Range

The Knight mini is equipped with a 350W high-power motor and a high-performance 18650 battery pack, providing continuous high power supply, allowing you to enjoy the fun of free exploration and land surfing.

Portable and Versatile, Ready to Go

4.5kg Lightweight 

1s Smart start

Crafted with aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and advanced engineering, our product combines lightweight construction with robust durability. It is designed to be your perfect companion, providing effortless portability and a sense of freedom.

Equipped with a smart startup function, no longer need to bend down to press the power button. Simply give the board a push, and it will quickly start up. Experience the joy of effortless gliding while enjoying the convenience of easy carrying.

Ride in Style and Safety, Even at Midnight

Dual Chassis Ambient Lights

Featuring two ambient lights that run through the entire chassis, our product adds a touch of coolness to your nighttime rides.

Not only do they enhance the visual appeal, but they also serve as a safety feature, providing increased visibility and peace of mind. Enjoy the thrill of midnight adventures with confidence.

Battery Management System

Our BMS (Battery Management System) utilizes intelligent algorithms and multiple protection measures to ensure the safety and reliability of the battery.


Product size 475*290*110mm
N.W. 4.5kg
Max speed 30km/h
Motor 350w
Max Slope 15%
Range 12km
Charging Time 2h
Deck / Frame Aviation aluminum alloy
Wheel 75mm 85A PU road tire
Light system Chassis light
Waterproof IP55
Ride Mode 4 speed model
Payload 70kg