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IN-HOUSE Entired Value Chain
Our products are all designed, developed and maunfacutured by ourselves, with our 3000m² factory of full range facilities.  We are able to offer very instance feedback to the customized needs from our partners and customers because all our products are produced by our private mould. And with extensive stock, we are able to guarantee minimum delivery time.
ZETAZS Value Chain Factory
Experienced R&D Team
With over 20-years experience of developiong and manufacturing engines, motors, auto parts, automation facilities and 7-years experience of personal electric vehicles, our R&D team are very experienced and skilled in providing the best solution to various demand, and keep analyzing the market trends and the user behaviours through talking directly to the real customers and users, to ensure the product perfectly fit the demand.
And through your inquiry, you can directly talk to our Head of Product if you want a further discussion about the products.  
Design Team_ZETAZS
Strict Quality Control
We craft every of our product in details to ensure every of our user could get the best riding experience and ultimate performance from our products. That’s why we insist on using the best material ONLY.
All products and parts are thoroughly tested in our facilities and passed the necessary certifications like FCC, CE, ROHS and etc to ensure the quality and safety. Also, we work very closely with all our material supplier in long-term partnership and perform regular inspections with them.
And before shipment, all products will be thoroughly tested by our QA team.
Guaranteed Customer Service Support
We offer responsive, professional and reliable after-sale service.  Regarding to your issues, we will arrange you to directly speak to our engineers, our supplier partner or whomever could help you to solve out the problem ASAP in a more effieient way.
We have been working with many great distributors and retailers in over 29 geos and greatly grow their business.
Join now to bring the best products to your customers and gain more success to your business!  


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