Please Note:

  • When applying, please provide detailed description of the problem, the frame number, photos and videos that explains the problem. Sometimes we will need your help by doing some tests and inspections, in order to identify problems. The warranty quantity is subject to the factory’s confirmation.
  • If the quality issue is proved to be coverd by the warranty scope, we will provide the corresponding parts and free technical guidance. (The user have to destory the orgin battery by following the instruction from ZETAZS service team, and send back the video for free replacement of the battery pack);
  • If the quality issue is proved to be not covered by the warranty scope and content, we also offer parts purchase and free technical guidance to support our partners;
  • *(For B2B )Usually, the warranty parts will be sent with next order. For urgent case, the logistics cost shall be borne by the applicant.


Guarantee Details for ZETAZS Product Parts



Warranty length

Main Parts

Frame, Handlebar, Front fork, Mechanical brake, Brake cable


Electrical Parts

Battery, Motor, Electric control, Display, Charger, Brake lever,Throttle switch

6 Months

Appearance/wear Parts

Front fenders, Rear fenders, Plastic pedals, Reflective stickers, Parking bracket assembly,Tires, Bearings, Shock-absorbing rubber, Steering rubber, Sandpaper, Fuses, Rubber plugs, Anti-slip rubber,Handle covers,Grip

0 Months


Exceptions to the warranty

1) Damage caused by human factors;

2) The product is damaged due to improper use, driving, maintenance and/or adjustment of the vehicle in accordance with the "User's Manual" or "Charging Guide";

3) Items not included in the content and service period specified in the product parts warranty details;

4) Damage caused by force majeure (including but not limited to earthquake, typhoon, fire, flood, violent crime, etc.);

5) The product is damaged due to water, rain, ice, snow, smoke, chemicals or chemical corrosion, or any human factors, such as collision, overload, speeding, etc;

6) Failures or damages caused by forced use of the product beyond normal use conditions, such as overload, riding over obstacles (including but not limited to riding down steps, falling, etc.), and extreme sports;

7) Improper use and maintenance of the battery like long-term storage without charging it, will lead to excessive discharge of the battery and damage, which cannot be repaired; 

8) Non original or inconsistent products;

9) Products are repaired/modified/disassembled by unauthorized technicians or/and by using faulty, modified, or unoriginal equipment / accessories;

10) Use any unoriginal/unauthorized accessories that causes damage to product, or any unauthorized change of circuit or configuration;

11) Damage caused by users, like faulty modification, disassembly and repair, self decomposition, damage of original failure, or failure that cannot be identified and analyzed technically;

12) Faults caused by users' improper use, improper storage or accidents;

13) Lack of valid invoice/after-sales service card or corresponding certificate;

14) Small scratches due to installation or mould production;

15) The paint surface of the product is worn by using the prodauct;

16) Other faults and damages not caused by design, manufacturing, quality and other problems of the product itself.

*In the above cases, we will still provide the technical support and repair, but the relevant maintenance costs and freight will not be covered by us.


Read Before You Ride

1) The use of electric skateboards/scooters has the same potential risk as other sports, which may cause injury or even death;

2) Before use, make sure to fully understand the user manual and guidelines , and wear helmet protectors when riding;

3) Please be careful when riding uphill or downhill;

4) Please avoid using in wet, slippery, obstructed roads, ice and snow, potholes, gravel, mud, cracks and other adverse environments;

5) Please follow the local traffic laws and regulations and use them safely within the allowable range;

6) Children under the age of 14, disabled people, pregnant women, elderly people, and people with mental disorders, diseases, and obstacles to normal physical movement are not suggested to use the products (Please follow your local policy);

7) If it is not used for a long time, please fully charge the vehicle first, and then charge the vehicle every 30 days to ensure the battery life. (*The battery damages caused by excessive discharge is not covered by warranty);

8) Do not expose the product to sunlight for a long time if possible;

9) Please use a clean cloth to wipe the water stains and mud on the surface to prevent corrosion and keep the vehicle clean;

10) Do not use any chemicals or solvents to clean the product;

11) Charge the battery regularly to avoid excessive discharge;

12) Do not store this product in damp conditions;

13) Do not put this product near flammable or explosive materials, or places with high flame or temperature;

14) Bearings have better seals to improve water resistance, but may still rust and corrode with prolonged water exposure. Although corrosion will not affect normal functions, it will also cause increased noise;

15) There may be differences between the manual and the final product. For details, please refer to the latest version of the manual provided by the official.