Ranger Lite

Ranger Lite

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Excellent Performance

Max Speed

Featured with 400W (800W peak) preuium electric motors designed and developed by ourselves, the Ranger Lite reach a exceptional 40KM/H Max Speed (In Infinite Mode), which is the best of its class. 

Max Slope

With single engine, Lite can still easily climb 25% uphills, and reach speed of 25km/h with powerful boosted by the infinite mode.

 Infinite Speed Mode

The Ranger E-Scooters are designed for various scenarios. While riding in urban ares where the speed is mostly strictly limited in 25km/h by policy, the user could ride with the standard mode, which provide smooth and effient ride.

When the riders cruise outside the restricted areas, just long-press the button, the Infinite Speed Mode will be activate, remove the speed limit and provide responsive, exhilarating riding experience with maximum power released. 

Great Design


The Lite is designed to be portbale and firm for beginner and commuter. The acceleration is smooth and non-jerky, thanks to the sturdy yet lightweight constructio, and it’s more than adequate to support the rider’s weight while still delivering average performance and excitement.


The unibody frame and deck are made of aerospace aluminum alloy, which offers both high structural strength and durability. And the neck adopts high-pressure casting technology and precise CNC machining, coupled with a professional lightweight engineering structure. Stronger, and lighter, for a more portable and easier movement.

Both fenders and the covers are made of ABS plastic, which ensure maximum durability, and provide excellent water protection, matching the relatively high IP55 water resistance spec.  


With our exclusive One-Sec-to-Go system design, user can FOLD/LOCK the scooter in just 1 step, saving time and make it dramatically easier to go and carry with.

Just press one button, then here you go.

All folding mechansim will make the stem lossen after times of using. We specially design a knot so that rider can adjust the stem themselves, to make the stem sturdy, and there is no fear that the stem latch will collapse mid-ride.

The plastic and rubber used on other parts are also of a high quality, resulting in a scooter that feels tight and well put together no rattles, no squeaks, no wobbles to be found.

Anti-Dazzling Lighting System with E-Mark Certificate

Ranger series is well equipped with a high-brightness LED light system, which can highly improve your visibility of the surroundings, even in low-visibility nighttime and ensure better safety for you.

The front lights are designed with a built-in reflector, providing bright light to illuminate the path ahead of you, and they perfectly avoid dazzling other passengers' eyes and causing unpleasant accidents thanks to the "Anti-Dazzle" technology.

The elegant blue ambient lights built in the deck will gently light up when turning on the lighting system, making you a Ranger in the night.

The rear lights will be activated when powered on, and show warning signals when braking which keep you safe in low-visibility conditions.


Custom-Designed Smart BMS

The custom-designed intelligent BMS, provides a series of safety protection mechanisms that closely monitors the battery status and everything needed to ensure the safety, service life, and reliability of the battery.

 Unique Design, Longer Service Life

Our R&D team has almost 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing components of vehicles, especially motors. After experimenting thousands of times, we successfully extend the service life of the motor to the world's leading level using materials and components of the highest quality, and the extraordinary design of shell which offers a more efficient cooling solution.

Automated motor production robot developed by ZETAZS

Innovative Regenerative Brake, Longer Riding Range

Equipped with the innovative and EV-level regenerative brake system for power recycle, energy will be auto-collected from regenerative braking and distributed when Ranger Pro needs a boost, which greatly extends its riding range.


Quality assurance is a key rule of our brand. Everything we use to build our product has been 100% tested and certified by official organizations.

It also means we have got all the necessary certificates to ship our scooters to almost all over the world. As we promised, your contribution is a 100% guaranteed purchase.


Product size 110*112*41cm

N.W. 13.5kg

Max Speed 40km/h

Motor 400w - Rear drive (Peak 800W)

Max Slope 25%

Battery 36v 280Wh 7.8Ah

Charging Time 3-4h

Fold System 1-Step Folding Mechanism Design

Tire 10 inch Tubed Pneumatic Tire

Brake System CNC bearing disc brake + Electric ABS brake

Light System Front E-Mark light + Rear light + Chassis light

Waterproof IP55

Speed Level 3 speed model for each speed mode

Speed Mode  Standard Mode / Infinite Mode (Switchable)

Payload 100KG