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  • One-Sec to Go design

With our exclusive One-Sec-to-Go system design, you can FOLD/LOCK your scooter in just One Sec, saving your time and make it dramatically easier to go and carry than any other scooter on the market.

Just press one button, then here you go.

Featured with Smart-Locking powered by Zetazs App. Want to get away for a cup of coffee?  Just click "Lock" to freeze the power of your scooter, go to enjoy your time, and click "Unlock" whenever you are back.

A creative solution to improve the overall durability and to avoid shaking of the handlebar. Just fasten/loosen the knob; you're free to adjust the tightness according to your preference.


  • Triple safety and efficient braking system

We designed an Auto-Grade efficient braking system for Ranger Pro. Equipped with dual CNC ultralubricant bearing-type disc brakes, it offers agile feedback to the braking and is more efficient on heat dissipation performance. Assisted by the in-built ABS electronic braking system, the efficient and stable braking performance provides you a smooth and satisfying experience, even in emergency braking, while other scooters might throw your body forward.

The braking distance is stably no longer than 3 meters (20 to 0 kmh) in comfort and keeps you always safe from chaos , while others are usually longer than 6 meters (such long distance may leaves no enough time to react when you meet dangerous and emergency situations).

  • Anti-Dazzling Lighting System with German stVZO Certificate

Ranger Pro is well equipped with a high-brightness LED light system, which can highly improve your visibility of the surroundings, even in low-visibility nighttime and ensure better safety for you.

The front lights are designed with a built-in reflector, providing bright light to illuminate the path ahead of you, and they perfectly avoid dazzling other passengers' eyes and causing unpleasant accidents thanks to the "Anti-Dazzle" technology.

The elegant blue ambient lights built in the deck will gently light up when turning on the lighting system, making you a Ranger in the night.

The rear lights will be activated when powered on, and show warning signals when braking which keep you safe in low-visibility conditions.

  •  Fuse design 

The design of the fuse greatly improves the safety of long-distance shipping and long-time storage. It ensures the battery can be completely powered off, thus giving it longer shelf life.

  •  Certificate 

Quality assurance is a key rule of our brand. Everything we use to build our product has been 100% tested and certified by official organizations.

It also means we have got all the necessary certificates to ship our scooters to almost all over the world. As we promised, your contribution is a 100% guaranteed purchase.


  • Comfortable riding experience

    • To provide a premium riding experience, our engineers have developed an ultra-sensitive dual-spring cushioning system that always provides you responsive balance.

    • The large-size 10-inch non-pneumatic run-flat tires with inner honeycomb shock absorption technology make your ride much smoother and more stable, even in rough terrain.

    • No more flat tires or uncomfortable shocks, Ranger Pro will never fail your commute and journey, at anytime, anywhere.


  • Ultra-light and durable mechanical technology

ZETAZS is faithful to the "ALL-IN-ONE" design aesthetic. Different from other scooters on the market which are weld-assembled or with an exposed folding design, we have designed a hidden folder. Using advanced high-density forging and integrated stretch technology, all components are processed by a CNC machine to ensure solidity.

Crafted from superior aerospace-grade aluminum alloy materials, and thanks to the engineering mechanics applied to precise design, the Ranger Pro Scooter has the lightest and most durable frame of the high-performance scooters on the market with its perfect streamline.

  • Smart LED dashboard enables you to control everything on your Ranger Pro

The intuitive dashboard displays the speed, battery power, Bluetooth connectivity, and everything to keep you in sync with your scooter.


  • Unique Design, Longer Service Life

Our R&D team has almost 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing components of vehicles, especially motors. After experimenting thousands of times, we successfully extend the service life of the motor to the world's leading level using materials and components of the highest quality, and the extraordinary design of shell which offers a more efficient cooling solution.

Automated motor production robot developed by ZETAZS

  • Custom-Designed Smart BMS(Battery Management System)

ZETAZS Ranger Pro uses an EV-level 21700 battery pack, which can provide stronger power output and longer service life. Combined with a custom-designed intelligent BMS, it provides a series of safety protection mechanisms that closely monitors the battery status and everything needed to ensure the safety, service life, and reliability of the battery.

  • Powerful Drivetrain with Rear-wheel Drive Motor

Featured with an immense 500W brushless rear-wheel-drive motor which is exclusively developed by our experienced R&D team, Ranger Pro is empowered to climb slopes over 25%, showing outstanding performance on its stability, acceleration, and safety, while other scooters on the market need 2 motors to do the same which make the scooters too heavy and bulky to carry with.

You can now enjoy greater freedom when you cruise around on your Ranger Pro.

  • Innovative Regenerative Brake, Longer Riding Range

Equipped with the innovative and EV-level regenerative brake system for power recycle, energy will be auto-collected from regenerative braking and distributed when Ranger Pro needs a boost, which greatly extends its riding range.


Product size 110*112*41cm
N.W. 14.5kg
Max speed ≥35km/h
Motor 350w - max power 700w Rear drive
Max Slope 25%
Battery 36v 486Wh 13.5Ah
Charging Time 6-8h
Fold system 1s Super folder (Automatic look system)
Tire 10-inch inner honeycomb shock-absorbing technology tire
Suspension system Rear quick response double spring suspension + Tire damping technology
Brake system Dual CNC bearing disc brake + Electric ABS brake
Light system E-Mark Front light + E-Mark Rear light + Chassis light
Fuse Overload protection + transportation safety + long-term storage power durability
Waterproof IP55
Ride Mode 3 speed model
Payload 130kg