Read Before Riding

Important safety information and some neat tips and tricks for your first few rides. A must read for all new riders, even if you’re a skateboarding pro.

Warning: Always wear a helmet when riding. Avoid slippery or uneven surfaces, steep hills, traffic, cracks, train tracks, gravel, rocks, or any obstacles that could cause a loss of traction. Avoid night riding, areas with poor visibility, and narrow spaces.

Warning: Risk of fire and electric shock: Do not open or tamper with electronics housings. Doing so may result in voiding the warranty.

Warning: Avoid water: Wet or icy pavement presents a hazardous riding condition. While the Zetazs board is designed to be water-resistant, large amounts of water has the potential to damage the board’s electronics, and water damage is not covered under warranty. Riding on wet or icy pavement is extremely dangerous due to the potential for losing traction and control.

Charging Maintenance Guidelines: If you do not use this product for a long time, please charge it in advance, and charge it regularly to full charge every three weeks. Prevent battery pack and BMS system from being damaged due to power shortage.


  • Your board can lose power and brakes at any moment due to radio interference between your remote and the board, a dead remote battery, unintentional release of the Engage Button, braking when the battery is fully charged, and other factors. Only ride your board at speeds and on hills where you’d be comfortable without power and brakes.


  • Braking downhill on a full battery will cause board shutdown and temporary loss of braking power since regenerative braking will overcharge the battery. To alert you of this situation, the remote will warn you by beeping, and you’ll lose your braking power. Safely come to a stop by turning or foot braking and ride on flats or uphill to drain the battery before attempting downhill again.


  • The Throttle Wheel in higher modes is extremely sensitive to make the board responsive and fun, but it also means fast or sudden inputs can easily cause you to fall off. Start by trying to move forward as slowly as possible in these modes.


  • Hills and high speed can be very dangerous because crashes can cause serious injuries. Be extra careful when riding the board, even if you’re an experienced rider.


  • Cars and other vehicles can kill you, so always be aware of your surroundings when riding in the presence of other vehicles. Ride defensively and assume other vehicles can’t see you. Remember that your board may lose power and brakes at any moment. Be aware of the laws that govern the use of your board on public roads, bike paths, sidewalks, or other places that you may ride.


  • Protect your board. We have engineered the board to handle shock and vibration from riding over a wide variety of terrain. However, riding off curbs, doing jumps/hops, throwing the front down to the pavement, and subjecting the board to other high-impact events may damage internal electronic components over time. We highly recommend that you regularly inspect and maintain the board before riding.


  • Always wear a helmet. Other protective equipment (knee pads, long sleeves, wrist guards) is highly recommended.


Warning: Whenever you ride a board, you risk death or serious injury from loss of control, loss of braking power, collisions, and falls. To ride safely, you must read and follow all warnings and instructions in the manual.

Warning: Always wear a helmet when riding. Never ride in water, on wet surfaces, in the rain, on slippery or uneven surfaces, up steep hills, in traffic, and over cracks, train tracks, gravel, rocks, or any obstacles that could cause a loss of traction. Avoid night riding, areas with poor visibility, and narrow spaces.

Warning: Do not ride a board in environments, on inclines, or at speeds where you would not be safely in control of an unpowered skateboard. In the event of wireless interference, loss of brakes, or battery fault, you may need to rely on skating techniques like footbraking or sliding to stop.

Warning: Avoid Water: Do not ride on wet or icy pavement. Any amount of water has the potential to damage the board’s electronics, and water damage is not covered under warranty. Riding on wet or icy pavement is extremely dangerous due to the potential for losing traction and control.

Warning: Pinch Points: Keep fingers, hair, and clothing away from belts, motors, wheels, and all moving parts.

Warning: Risk of Electric Shock: Do not open or tamper with electronics housings which also voids the warranty.

Please ride responsibly and respect those around you. How you ride will determine how people view this new mode of transportation. 

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