Powering the Future of Personal Transportation
At ZETAZS, we believe electric vehicles like electric scooter, electric bike and electric board, are the future of personal transportation.
ZETAZS innovative product range, Ranger e-Scooter, Knight e-skateboard, Trident e-Skateboard, Castle e-Scooter with suitcase.
Founded in 1994, our factory has nearly 30-years experience in developing and manufacturing motors, engines, auto parts& accessories and relative facilities.
As a fast-growing manufacturer of electric scooters& electric skateboard since 2015, we are dedicated to bringing affordable, eco-friendly, and fun electric scooters to riders around the world.
ZETAZS attending Globalsource electronic show in HONGKONG
Headquartered in Hong Kong, our engineers leverage decades of experience to design and build high-quality electric scooters with industry-leading range, speed, safety features, and durability.
We not only sell ZETAZS branded scooters, but also provide OEM and ODM services to support other innovative brands on their personal electric vehicle journey.
XPENG electric scooter developed by ZETAZS
Our Vision: To discover a better way for people's everyday life.
With congested roads and increased environmental awareness, we see enormous potential for electric scooters to transform urban transportation. Our vision is to reduce traffic and pollution in cities by getting more people to ride electric and enjoy the daily movement.


All ZETAZS products are built with the rider's experience in mind.

Our goal is to make personal vehicles an affordable, convenient, and enjoyable way to navigate busy streets. We want to see cities filled with happy riders zipping around while breathing cleaner air.

 Riding ZETAZS Knight Mini electric skateboard on road with fun


Leading the Way in Quality and Innovation

At ZETAZS, we don't just follow trends - we aim to lead the way. Our skilled R&D team is constantly improving our designs and technologies to offer the best performance, safety, and reliability.

Key innovations include:

  • Featherweight magnesium alloy frames for increased battery range
  • Responsive dual braking systems with regeneration for smooth safe stops
  • IPX5 water resistance to handle any weather conditions
  • App-enabled smart features like infinite speed mode and remote diagnostics

We rigorously test new components and technologies before launching to ensure every ZETAZS scooter excels in real-world conditions. Our commitment to quality shows in every ride.


ZETAZS design lab, develop and design electric scooter


Partners in Your Scooter & Board Success

In addition to creating exceptional ZETAZS branded scooters, we offer complete OEM and ODM services to help other companies bring compelling electric scooter/ skateboard designs to market.


ZETAZS attending innovation trading show



Our experienced engineering team can handle everything from design, testing, certifications, manufacturing, and after-sales support.

We make launching e-scooters &e-skateboards simple so you can focus on sales, marketing, and delighting riders. Trust us to build reliable scooters & skateboard that reflect your brand and exceed expectations.


ZETAZS fantasty AI design futuristic electric scooter


Let's Ride Together Into a Greener Future

Personal electric vehicles have huge potential to reshape transportation and improve city life.

At ZETAZS, we're passionate about realizing that potential while delivering great value and experiences to riders worldwide. If you share our vision of more electric scooters and greener cities, we'd love to partner with you.

Get in touch today to see how we can power the future of personal transportation together.