Wholesale, ODM & OEM Partnership


Flexible Customization;
Professional Design, Free 1 on 1 service by our Product Manager;
Ultimate Performance with Competitive Price; 
Years of experience on turnkey(One-Stop) solution for both To-Consumer and Sharing Scooter.


    XPENG Electric Scooter, OEM by ZETAZS.

    Trusted by many leading brands like XPENG (The Biggest EV Company in China).


    Latest sharing scooter ZETAZS

    Custom-Made Great-Designed, Trending-Style Sharing Scooter.


    BEST scooter Wholesaler ZETAZS

    Monthly Capacity > 5,000 + picecs.


    Special discount for new partners!

    Feel free to contact us for your demand.

    As a top manufacturer of electric scooters and skateboards, ZETAZS welcomes bulk orders from retailers, distributors, and other buyers seeking high-quality custom e-rideables.

    With our flexible OEM/ODM capabilities, we can produce electric scooters and skateboards in bulk to your exact specifications, on schedule, while meeting all safety and quality standards.

    Comprehensive design

    Starting from customer needs, providing comprehensive customized services from design to manufacturing.

    Why Choose ZETAZS for Your Bulk Order?

    • Decades of expertise in e-rideable manufacturing and engineering
    • State-of-the-art facilities with capacity for high-volume orders
    • Inhouse product team to offer 1-on-1 design service
    • Rigorous quality control and testing procedures
    • End-to-end development for quick time-to-market
    • Personal support throughout the ordering and delivery process
    • Competitive price to maximize your margin
    XPENG Electric Scooter

    (XPENG: One of the biggest electric vehicles brand from China, got invested by Volkswagen in 2023)

    OEM Services

    Appearance customization

    Performance customization

    Accessories customization


    Bulk Order Process:

    1. Consult with our team to finalize your product designs and specs and exact certification(if any);
    2. We develop prototypes for evaluation and fine-tuning
    3. Confirm your order requirements including quantities, pricing, timelines
    4. Our engineers oversee manufacturing to ensure flawless execution
    5. We assist with shipping, logistics, and getting products to market

    Whether you need 1,000 units or 50,000 units built, we have the experience, capabilities, and passion to deliver exceptional electric scooters and skateboards in bulk.

    Contact us today to discuss your bulk order! Our team is ready to turn your electric scooter and skateboard ideas into reality.Email: partnership@zetazs.com

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