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  • Top Speed 20km/h
  • Range 15km
  • 5inch Non-inflatable anti-skid tire
  • Rear spring shock absorber
  • Quick fold & stepless height adjuctment
  • Brake energy recovery
  • Quick installation 20inch suitcase

Excellent frame design

  • Integrated and simpleappearance;
  • Mini Portable design;
  • Aviation aluminum alloy frame,lightweight;
  • Engineering analysis structure design, more light and durable;
  • Inverted three-wheel structure,high stability;
  • Replaceable front wheels,light and strong,easier to maintain.

Skate on the road

  • Rolling turns, the turning frame automaticallt tilts inwards,entering corners at high speed,and the stability is improved;
  • Simple control,body tilted, assisted by handles, just turn smoothly;
  • More playable,like a skateboard;
  • High stability, unique turning structure, can move forward smoothly even with one-handed control.

Comfortable Feeling

  • 5 Inch non-inflatable engineering rubber-plastic tire,lightweight,wear-resistant and more comfortable;
  • Prodessional grade anti-skid tire pattern;
  • Double-spring high-sensitive shock absorber, comfortable on road;
  • 140mmdeck for improved comfort.

Quick folding system

  • The original quick-folding system,Instant folding;
  • Integrated operation,height adjustment and folding all complete in one step;
  • Stepless height adjustment;
  • Folding position is adjustable ,easier to maintain.

Sufficient power and energy supply

  • 350W motor power
  • Up to 20% climbing
  • Large-capacity power , meet safety certification
  • High-end BMS battery management system,comprehensive protection and monitoring of battery operation.
  • High-quality originals with sophisticated software algorithms to improve stability and battery efficiency.
  • Long-term storage automatically enters low-power mode
  • Power bank function,5v2a output USB socket on the side.

Intelligent braking , energy saving

  • Intelligent brake assist, precision alogorithm system provides continuous and stable braking energy according to speed and real-time brake control.
  • Linear brakes provide smooth and linear brakes to effectively prevent lock-up.
  • Brake stroke control,the roller in the remote control can control the required braking force.
  • Energy recovery, the feedback current can be returned to the battery when braking,up to 10% of energy recovery , effectively extend battery life.

Lighting system

  • Embedded dual LED light
  • Switched on and off by remote control at any time
  • Astigmatic engineering plastic outer tube
  • High brightness blue light, enjoy ridding at night.
  • Accelerator lighting function

Quick release suitcase

  • Quick-release structure,as your request to use quickly disassembled and assembled.
  • PC engineering plastic box, more durable.
  • TSA certified customs lock,more worry-free travel
  • Anti-scratch dot luggage surface
  • Double anti-riot zippers