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Stunning independent suspension system

  • Block of primary aluminum is made by CNC, with precise structure;
  • Metal oxide surface treatment, hard and rich texture;
  • Independent working buffer spring and rocker arm, give full play to the buffer effect;
  • Smooth copper rotating contact surface;
  • The rocker joint uses high-strength steel special screws;
  • High-density die-casting Trucks;
  • Higher chassis distance, stronger passability;
  • Laser engraved logo.



    CNC DECK with higher stability

    • Widened batwing DECK, more comfortable position;
    • The block of primary aluminum is made by CNC;
    • Hardened coating, stronger wear resistance;
    • Emery non-slip sandpaper;
    • The rubber end foot reminder is safer and more reliable.


    High-performance torque dual-drive motor

    • 1600W high-power torque dual-drive hub motor
    • Up to 90% power efficiency;
    • High torque output of 5N. M * 2, providing up to 25% climbing performance and efficient acceleration performance;
    • Precision lubrication bearing group, super lubrication without jamming;
    • Aluminum alloy shell, fast cooling performance.



    • LG large capacity power battery, in line with safety certification, high efficiency and strong output, more able to withstand high current operation, competitive energy supply;
    • Professional BMS battery management system provides all-round protection and real-time monitoring of battery charging and discharging conditions;
    • High quality electronic components and precise software algorithm are adopted to make the battery pack safe, efficient and stable;
    • Low power consumption mode will be automatically entered after long time storage.



    • Intelligent brake assist and precise algorithm system can provide continuous and stable braking energy according to speed and real-time brake control;
    • The linear brake can provide smooth and linear braking and effectively prevent locking phenomenon;
    • Energy recovery: when braking, the feedback current can be returned to the battery pack, up to 10% of the energy can be recovered, effectively extending the service life;
    • The braking energy of the fourth gear can be adjusted, and the braking energy of the fourth gear can be set remotely according to the preference.



    • If the acceleration function stops before the remote control power is too low when taxiing, the remote control can still use the brake function to ensure the safety of use;
    • High speed transmission of 2.4G, strong anti-interference ability;
    • Vibration feedback, connection and power reminder are more humanized;
    • Linear acceleration and braking control;
    • Adjustable 4-speed / brake mode;
    • The front and rear drive can be switched;
    • Comprehensive interface display.



    Product size 555*460*160mm
    N.W. 9kg
    Max speed 38km/h
    Motor 400w*2 - Dual drive
    Max Slope 25%
    Battery LG 36v 180Wh 5Ah
    Charging Time 3-4h
    Deck / Frame Aviation aluminum alloy
    Tire 100mm
    Suspension system Shock absorption Grip + Tire damping technology
    Special accessories1 Aviation aluminum alloy portable handle
    Special accessories2 Rubber foot reminder
    Light system Chassis light
    Waterproof IP55
    Ride Mode 4 speed model
    Payload 100kg