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Transcendental flexibility


KNIGHT Pro 2 inherits the advantages of mini size, you can easily put it under the seat, in the trunk or suitcase of the car,and the design of the side handle is easier to carry.

Excellent performance can easily meet the daily mobility, large-size wheels provide good passability, comfortable widened pedals and shorter wheelbase allow you to get better flexibility and easily walk in the streets and lanes.


Easy to master control

We integrated the feedback from a large number of mini skateboard players, and finally designed a brand new deck.The expanded wings on both sides provide more foot space and effectively improve the turning control.

The rubber foot position indicator at both ends allows you to sense the front and rear positions of your feet without lowering your head, which is safe, comfortable and reliable.


Brand new shock-absorbing sandpaper 

After a step to improve the comfort, a new shock-absorbing sandpaper has been developed, and the shock-absorbing layer has been added, making it more comfortable and non-vibrating.

90mm big wheel

The direct upgrade from the 70mm small wheel to the 90mm large-size wheel set not only greatly improves the comfort, but also has a stronger passability and is more adaptable to various roads in daily life.



High quality imported battery pack

The battery pack is composed of fully imported LG high-capacity 18650 power lithium batteries, equipped with an intelligent battery butler system, and sophisticated algorithms can closely monitor the charge and discharge of each battery cell, and provide safe and stable multiple protections.

High-performance dual-drive motor

Equipped with two 4.6Nm high-performance hub integrated motors, it has more climbing power and stronger acceleration. The motor parts precision-machined by CNC bring more efficient rotation efficiency and better heat dissipation performance.

New electronic control system implantation

After collecting and sorting out the feedback from the first generation of players, the electronic control system was redesigned in KNGIHT Pro 2, and more efficient algorithms were optimized. The acceleration performance and braking performance were smoother without delay, and the wireless connection signal was stronger. The new potting process also allows the electronic control system to have a better waterproof and dustproof effect.


Product size 555*290*110mm
N.W. 6kg
Max speed 38km/h
Motor 350w*2 - Dual drive
Max Slope 25%
Battery LG 36v 180Wh 5Ah
Charging Time 3-4h
Deck / Frame Aviation aluminum alloy
Tire 90mm
Suspension system Shock absorption Grip + Tire damping technology
Special accessories1 Aviation aluminum alloy portable handle
Special accessories2 Rubber foot reminder
Light system Chassis light
Waterproof IP55
Ride Mode 4 speed model
Payload 100kg