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Rigged with dual 400 W (1600W peak) preuium electric motors designed and developed by ourselves, the Ranger Pro 2 achieves impressive acceleration, hitting in just 3.7 seconds from 0 - 25km/h.

Max Speed

50KM/H Max Speed (In Infinite Mode), simply just beats every other scooter of its class in the market! Providing more than enough speed to keep up with any city traffic, and even a wild tour outside the city.

Max Slope

Climbing hills is where having dual motors makes all the difference. More than “being able to” climb 30% uphills, the scooter offers speed more than 25km/h with almost no slowing-down while climbing up. You are unlikely to encounter a hill that will stop this scooter in your city.


The unibody frame and deck are made of aerospace aluminum alloy, which offers both high structural strength and durability. And the neck adopts high-pressure casting technology and precise CNC machining, coupled with a professional lightweight engineering structure. Thicker neck built with Carbon Steel in sheet metal process, to ensure this part almost won't be broken by any strikes, improve safety and avoid this common quality issue that happens in most scooters. Stronger, and lighter, for a more portable and easier movement.

Systematic shock absorption design

The special front fork inclination design, the handlebar connection made of polymer engineering plastic, dual spring rear shock absorbers, and 10 inch pneumatic tires form a damping system that can filter out most of the high-frequency vibrations on the road surface and bring a comfortable riding experience.

Full coverage lighting system

Equipped with a 650Lm strong LED lighting system, providing good visibility for distances up to 10 meters, ensuring safety even during low visibility nights.

The tail lights and brake lights are well integrated and can communicate with rear traffic.

The elegant built-in blue ambient light greatly enhances visibility into the surrounding environment and also keeps the scooter cool at night.



Infinite Speed Mode

The Ranger E-Scooters are designed for various scenarios. While riding in urban ares where the speed is mostly strictly limited in 25km/h by policy, the user could ride with the standard mode, which provide smooth and effient ride. When the riders cruise outside the restricted area, just long-press the button, the Infinite Speed Mode will be activate, remove the speed limit and provide responsive, exhilarating riding experience with maximum power released.


With our exclusive One-Sec-to-Go system design, user can FOLD/LOCK the scooter in just 1 step, saving time and make it dramatically easier to go and carry with.

All folding mechansim will make the stem lossen after times of using. We specially design a knot so that rider can adjust the stem themselves, to make the stem sturdy, and there is no fear that the stem latch will collapse mid-ride.

The plastic and rubber used on other parts are also of a high quality, resulting in a scooter that feels tight and well put together no rattles, no squeaks, no wobbles to be found.

Custom-Designed Smart BMS

The custom-designed intelligent BMS, provides a series of safety protection mechanisms that closely monitors the battery status and everything needed to ensure the safety, service life, and reliability of the battery.

Exclusive Fuse Design All scooters will be inserted with the fuse to ensure the power is totally cut off, improve safety in long-time shipment and storage.


Braking System

The scooter is fitted with a combination of 2 mechanical disc brake and 1 intelligent ABS electronic brakes, ensuring safe and smooth stoppage.

The braking system is well encased within the scooter’s structure, protecting it from damage.

It makes the scooter can stop on a dime. From 25km/h, it can come to a complete stop in just 3 meters, which beats most scooters in the sub $1,000 category.

Equipped with the innovative and EV-level regenerative brake system for power recycle, energy will be -collected automatically from regenerative braking and distributed when the scooter needs a boost, which greatly extends its riding range.



Motor 400w *2 Dual Drive

Max Power 1600w

Max Speed 50km/h

Max Slope 30%

Tire 10 inch*2.25 Tubed Pneumatic Tire

Brake System Dual CNC Bearing Disc Brake + Electric ABS Brake

Light System E-Mark 650Lm High-Brightness Front Light + E-Mark Rear Light + Chassis Light

Fold System 1s Super Folder + Automatic Look System

Battery 36v 522Wh 14.5Ah

Charging Time 6-8h

Waterproof IP55

Deck Width 180mm

Payload 120kg

Product Size 110*112*41cm

N.W. 18.5kg