Standard version remote control(For Knight mini)

Standard version remote control(For Knight mini)

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Matching tutorial:
1 After the skateboard is turned on, press and hold the power button until flashing;
2 After the remote control is turned on, use a toothpick or other tool to short tap the round hole on the back of the remote control-the middle and lower part;
3. The match is successful.

Use tutorial:
1. Turn on/off: long press the right-function key;
2. Acceleration: push the wheel forward;
3. Brake: Pull the wheel behind;
4. Switch forward/backward: click the left-function key;
5. Turn on/off the light (applicable to some models): Long press the left-function key; "*4 and 5 are different due to different versions, the operation methods are interchangeable"
6. Switch speed mode: Click the right-function key to switch 4 speed modes in a cycle.

Power display:
1. After connecting the skateboard (the remote control of the skateboard is turned on), the 4 red lights in the middle indicate the current power of the skateboard;
2. If the bottom light of the remote control is on, it indicates that the remote control has a low battery and needs to be charged in time.

*The included double-head charging cable for remote charging can be plugged into the USB charging port in the side door of the skateboard (applicable to some models), or use a 5v1a USB charging plug for charging. When charging, the 4 lights in the middle of the remote control are all on to indicate that the remote control is fully charged.